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Bohol is the tenth (10) largest island of the country. It was created as a province on March 10, 1917. It produced Francisco Dagohoy, who led the longest revolt againts the Spaniards in the Philippine history. The revolt took the Spaniards 85 years ( 1744-1829 ) to quell. It also gave the Philippines its fourth (4) president in the person of Carlos P. Garcia. Garcia was president of the 1971 Constitutional Convention when he died.

Bohol has a population of about 1.3 million. The annual population growth rate is 2.9 percent. The Boholanos today live in the habitable areas of Bohol’s 3,862 sq kms land area. They can also be found in the various places throughout the country and the world.

The island-province is well known for its top quality handicrafts made of bamboo, saguran and abaca fibers, romblon, buntal and shell craft. It is also famous for its delicacies like Calamay ( made from rice, coconut milk and brown sugar packed in a coconut shell ).

Bohol is famous for its Chocolate Hills ( 1,268 haycock hills that turn green during rainy days and brown in summer). It has one “ of the most beautiful eco-marine systems in the world”—the Bohol Marine Triangle that covers Pamilacan, Balicasag and Panglao. This area is the habitat of whale sharks, stingrays, dolphins and other forms of marine life. The other famous tourist attractions are the man-made forest and mangrove areas, tarsiers, coral reefs, white sandy beaches, diving spots, caves, watersheds, rivers, underground rivers, waterfalls, old churches, bell towers, etc.
Aside from its natural wonders, Bohol is also bursting with talents. It contributes to the nation’s well being by producing hightly skilled workers, entrepreneurs, seaman, lawyers, teachers, priests, artist, etc. In addition, its internationally acclaimed Loboc Children Choir could open the gates of heaven with its voices described as “ so pure and angelic “.

Wonder no more why Bohol is God’s little paradise on earth.

The Boholanos or bol-anon forms part of the mainstream peoples of the Philippines. The people speak a variation of the cebuano language with very minor changes in pronounciation. It belongs to the larger Austronesian language family, with the sugbuhanon, sebuano, cebuano langauge varation and the majority or large ethnic group of the people belongs to the Austronesian Speakers or the South Mongols race settlers from South China. First settled in the islands of Cebu, Negros Oriental and later in the island of Bohol during the Iron Age period.

At present the general culture of the bol-anon is lowland and coastal Visayan intensive wet rice agriculture is common with the production of other crops such as sweet potato, cassava, banana, mango and yam (ubi) which is considered an imported crop among the bol-anon. The coastal communities associated with maritime life.




God’s Little Paradise

Plunge into the deep – clear blue water, complemented by verdant rolling hills and friendly and religious people that’s Bohol. Aptly called “God’s Little Paradise”, the island province of Bohol lies in the center of the Philippines, southeast of Cebu and southwest of Leyte. The oval shape mainland comparable to that of proverbial yam “ubing kinampay” or purple yam has a total land area of 411,726 hectares including 73 other islands and islets. Tagbiliran City, it’s capital is 630 kilometers from Manila and 72 air kilometers from Cebu City. It consists of 47 municipalities, one city and 1,114 barangays. Bohol’s beauty lies in its explore depths of Bohol waters which are rated among the best diving haven in the world and famous not only for its richness in marine life and corals but also for its being the home of the Tarsier, the big-eyed insect eating monkey whose size is smaller than a body fist. Scientists regard the tarsier as the oldest mammal living mammal now inhabiting the earth. Other added attractions are waterfalls amidst untapped forests, caves with stalagmites and stalactites, natural parks, exotic wildlife, centuries – old churches and edifices and lot of historical landmarks.

Point of Interest

Chocolate Hills – This the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol. Among the thousands of perfectly cone-shaped hills which abound in Central Bohol, two of the hills have been developed into resort. On top of the hill are two youth hostels with a conference room, cozy cottages with private rooms and accommodations, swimming pool, tennis court and restaurant. A climb up 213 concrete steps on the other hill is an observation deck where one can view God’s wondrous creations spread below as far as the eyes can see. The grasses which cover the hills turn brown in the cry season. Its uniqueness shows when the hills are wet, it turns into green and when the sun is up high, it turns brown.

Tarsier (scientific name = Tarsius Syrichta) – The world’s smallest primate, which measures 4 to 5 inches and a tail longer than its body. Has brown eyes three times larger than any primates’s hairless ears and long claws. It is able to rotate its head nearly 360 degrees and is quick agile, leaping frog – like over several meters in qauick succession trees, shrubs and over ground. Tarsier lives in the forest of Corella, 10 kilometers from Tagbiliran City.

Beach Resorts – Powdery white – sand beaches living sites are among the province’s best come – ons. Beach resorts with excellent facilities abound in Panglao Island where Tourism Estate taking shape.


Isaiah 41:10
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

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